I have found that choosing love wisely is not as most fairytales depict...

I have been involved in deliberate research of a better way to discover lasting love for over 30 years. In this book I share information that has never before been uniquely scripted together in this fashion. These findings directly link probable reasons why we keep making the same stupid choices for love!

I write from experience as I have had my own journey with choosing wisely as well as some very stupid ones. Believe me… wisely was far better! Thank you for joining me on this eye opening, soul searching adventure toward finding and keeping “happily ever after” love!

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Suffering In Slow Motion

Pamala has written a tender, compelling life treatise that, at once, wraps us up in the Arms of Love that we always hoped would be there for us when we most needed it- and then also helps us to wrestle with life's most vexing, torturous questions - 'how can a loving Father allow such pain, drawn out over seasons of agony?'

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More Than Rice

Gabriela Mendoza puts a face to the gut-wrenching tragedy of the 3 million women and children that are abducted every year and sold into human sex trafficking. MORE THAN RICE gives the reader an up close and personal look into this dark world of girls between the ages of twelve and seventeen stolen and forced to work in brothels.

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