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Pamala has traveled to Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalor, Calcutta, Manila, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris and other urban areas of the world and has seen many of the horrors described in MORE THAN RICE. She writes with passion and purpose. She has been a life coach and mentor of young women for more than thirty years. Pamala has also served as a volunteer in organizations that work to help rescue and restore the helpless. Of Cherokee descent, Pamala is the author of four books: Where Have All the Lovers Gone? (Here’s Life Publications, 1991), Suffering in Slow Motion (Regal Books, 2003), and Extraordinary Living…above the ordinary (Bush Publishing, 2009). Her first novel, More Than Rice, (Yorkshire Publishing) was released in late 2010, is presently under contract for a full feature movie to be distributed in theaters throughout the world. Pamala has been a guest on numerous radio and TV talk shows, many with over a million viewing audience. Pamala corresponds with her friends and supporters on twitter and Facebook.

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