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More Than Rice

A journey through the underworld of human trafficking

Best-selling book, More Than Rice by author Pamala Kennedy has done more than just captivate readers young and old alike. Pamala Kennedy recently inked a deal with Quadrant2 Productions and Titlecard Pictures to produce a movie based on the story.

More Than Rice has captured the hearts of readers across the country, chronicling the story of Gabriela, Maylin, and Karima, who are victims of the human sex trafficking industry. Kennedy's story highlights a very frightening reality: each year three million women and children are abducted into human trafficking each year...


"Kennedy’s work simultaneously calls the attention of readers to a horrific practice that claims the freedom of 3 million new women each year, while instilling an uplifting underlying message, deftly interweaving compelling themes, page-turning plot, artfully rendered characters, and social issues."
-Power Of Women
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Extraordinary Living... Above The Ordinary

How to be successful in your quest for living an extraordinary life!

This book will push you to live above ordinary. It will take courage to move from ordinary to extraordinary, but you will not regret it. Others long to see something to emulate, a hero to look up to, a mentor to follow. Be that to someone. Our world needs strong leaders leading the right way. Decide to take your place and fulfill the destiny meant for you and you alone. I challenge you to move from ordinary living to extraordinary living, in every arena of life. Through hard circumstances, through tough personal assessment, through accepting others, as well as yourself, through personal growth in work and marriage, through an intimate daily encounter with God. Be extraordinary
Pamala encourages others to choose to make their lives Extraordinary. Ordinary takes no effort, it's easy to coast through life, follow the crowd to average. But Pamala believes everyone can push past obstacles that keep you stuck in the same place having just ordinary relationships and small dreams. She gives step by step instructions to help you get unstuck and move forward to achieve more, dream bigger and live an extraordinary life. She has teamed up with lifetime friend and colleague David T. Moore to provide more even resources and insight on getting unstuck and moving forward to live the life you were destined to live. The Extraordinary Life!
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Suffering In Slow Motion

Bringing Hope To Families Dealing With Terminal Illnesses

This book takes the reader on the journey of Dr. Richard Kennedy's diagnoses of Frontal Temporal Dementia from the family's perspective as well as his. Pamala, his wife and caregiver actually took notes from Richard's journal during the lengthy disease and has put his thoughts and feelings in the book as well as her own authentic feelings and fears throughout the illness. This is a must read for all families faced with terminal illness. It offers help for all.
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